Discount Ammo SLC inferior ammo at twice the price

Salt Lake City, Utah 1 comment

Taking advantage of the ammunition shortage to gouge the customer 500 standard rounds for $49.99 when you can get high velocity just about anywhere else when it comes in at about $22.Not exactly discount.

It is sad that people can use any name for a business regardless of what they plan to do. Using the name discount in their title is deceiving and flat out not accurate from what I have seen and experienced.

Discount infers that you will be able to purchase a product at less than the standard price.Here you can pay more than double and call it a discount.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #654758

Is someone forcing you to buy from this company?Take your business elsewhere if you think they are too pricey.

I assume you are referring to 22LR ammo. $49.99 is way too high, but I have heard some places are getting $75 for a brick of 500. I think $22 is too high, but then I remember when I would pay $5 for a brick of it.

Times have changed, but that's what happens when you allow yourself to be fooled by politicians.

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